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Research + Scoping

We bring a unique insight into the innovation ecosystem, both in Australia and in an international context. The team works closely with our clients to identify opportunities and develop strategies to grow, accelerate delivery, and generate tangible impact for future resource and energy industries. 


We equip each client with strategic and tactical advice to define, match and grow solutions across delivery horizons. 


Services include:

  • Challenge and problem definition

  • Technology taxonomy and identification of leading and emerging technologies

  • Solution identification and innovation pathway development 

  • Deep dive analysis across targeted industry segments

  • Advice on advancing, validating and adapting emerging technology solutions

  • Risk analysis and skills gap assessments

  • Pathway and roadmap models 

  • Project and program development

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Strategy + Advisory

We work with clients to identify opportunities and develop strategies to grow, accelerate delivery, and generate tangible impact for future resources and energy value chains.


We specialise in deep insightful analysis that will uncover the drivers shaping your target industry segment and the challenges that need to be articulated and solved.

We develop strategic and tactical advice ranging from the firm to the broader industry level, to enable sustainable business models and pathway strategies to achieve success.


Services include:

  • Research and discovery

  • Concept studies and policy concepts

  • Strategy and planning

  • Program development and delivery oversight

  • Technology pathway and roadmaps

  • Project and program development

  • Stakeholder mapping and prioritisation

  • Risk, impact and skills gap assessment

Governance + Representation

We believe that good governance and operating models, and cohesive narrative provide the essential foundation for innovation adoption and growth.


We apply a strategic and pragmatic lens to every project. This could include an extension of the client’s team to ensure every project milestone is met, and executed to the highest standard and that success is optimised.


Our team support the establishment of governance frameworks to drive organisational efficiencies and to improve the likelihood of success to access capital, mitigating risk and safeguarding shareholders and IP.

We serve a range of industry Boards and represent them at various Government and industry forums.


Services include: 

  • Representation and speaking

  • Establish governance and corporate services frameworks

  • Risk models

  • Support agreements related to partnerships, innovation and growth

  • Translate the governance framework and policies into practices, structures, and work programs

  • Set and oversee project milestones

  • Leverage incentives through strategic marketing, industry accelerator or recognition programs


Funding + Incentive Approaches

We offer a full suite of services when it comes to funding incentives.

Unlocking funding incentives can be challenging. Applications require valuable time, effort, strategic planning and clear messaging to optimise success. 

We bring extensive knowledge and experience in the application and allocation of industry and government incentives. 


We bring advice and support from beginning to end, from determining which incentive suits your business to marketing your success. 


Services include:

  • Research and identify available funding programs

  • Bid writing to align the proposed project with the funding criteria

  • Preparation of supporting information packages 

  • Review of prepared funding briefs and applications

  • Promotion of funding success and recommendations for further recognition opportunities

  • Funding contract tracking and milestone reports

  • Introductions to key industry stakeholders for collaboration opportunities and incentive approaches

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