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Understanding pathways for clean technology adoption at remote mine sites

What does it take to integrate clean energy technologies into remote sites and support a long-life, low-cost sustainable operation? How can a range of opportunities be considered to maximise stakeholder value beyond an existing base case project model?

Our team was engaged by a significant mining producer to explore the ideal stage to adopt clean energy technologies balanced with emerging trends in renewable energy, hydrogen and its range of applications for energy generation, storage and transport.

The findings considered a number of actions that are required to unlock a clean technology opportunity, particularly in the context of a remote operation. There are numerous pathways that a project could take to develop and adopt clean technologies and the extent to which these elements overlap and intersect presents both a challenge and an opportunity.

What results is an opportunity for producers to move ‘ahead of the game’ and actively progress initiatives to unlock the clean technology potential aligned to internal and announced decarbonisation objectives. A multi-faceted and phased approach was recommended with efforts across a range of workstreams and time periods.

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