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A Zero Emissions Copper Mine of the Future

The reports can be downloaded at:

In 2020, our team led the research behind a landmark report on “Zero Emissions Copper Mining”. The method of upstream copper production has remained mostly unchanged for many years, and while some breakthrough innovation has occurred, significant technological innovation in the industry is slow to evolve. With the support of The Warren Centre of Advanced Engineering at the University of Sydney and the International Copper Association Australia (ICAA), we determined three horizons of technology adoption and identified the emission technology themes that require focus to deliver a “zero emissions copper mine of the future.”

In consultation with a wide range of leading industry experts the report positions copper as well placed to facilitate energy transformation through its real-world applications but identifies the compelling need in the upstream segment of the copper production process to achieve a zero-emission future.

The initial report has led to a multi-year collaborative program including deep-dive reports on Water and Material Movement, with more to come in 2023.

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