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Unlock the future of resources and energy

Forelight Advisory is an Australian-based strategic advisory firm, that navigates the future of resources and energy.



With our deep understanding, extensive capabilities and next-generation thinking, we partner with minerals, resources, energy organisations as well as METS and governments to advance diversification, growth and transformational change.

We prioritise securing client success to clean and sustainable outcomes for resources and energy industries of the future.

Forelight Advisory is the next step for LarkinSykes Advisory, an established and reputable leader in Australia’s resources and energy industries. The growth and rebranding of LarkinSykes to Forelight reflects our maturity, expanded capacity and capabilities with broadening of our service offering.


Our full-service firm offers research, consultation and advisory services across:

  • Strategy, policy and planning

  • Program development and delivery 

  • Stakeholder engagement, advocacy, advice and representation

  • Innovation scoping and roadmap development

  • Industry, supply chain and ecosystem strategy

  • Education and resources

  • Governance frameworks

  • International market development

  • Funding and incentive approaches

Lucy and Clare of Forelight Advisory, looking towards the camera, smiling, leaning on a high table

We value sustainability, innovation, collaboration and quality.



Research + Scoping

Deep dive analysis to optimise pathways and develop the foundations for a tailored strategy to innovation adoption and industry opportunity.


Strategy + Advisory

Consulting and advisory services that offer deep, insightful analysis and advice for growth, delivery and impact.


Governance + Representation

Ensures every step of your organisation’s innovation and growth objectives are executed according to well-designed frameworks and governance.


Funding +
Incentive Approaches

Experts in unlocking government incentives, international market development, and industry collaborations.

lucy and clare, sitting at a table and looking towards the camera,smiling


Lucy McClean and Clare Larkin-Sykes and are passionate leaders in the resources and energy sectors with decades of experience working across government, industry and community.


Sustainability • Innovation • Collaboration • Quality

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